IRCTC Ties Up with Dominos Pizza to Deliver Pizza to Your Train Seat

irctc logodomino-s-pizza

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has tied up with Domino’s Pizza in India to deliver pizza to your train seat.

The service is being run as a pilot project in 12 Indian cities – Agra, Alwar, Ambala, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Mathura, Muzzafarnagar, New Delhi, Pathankot, Vapi, Bharuch and Vadodara and is only available to passengers travelling in trains which do not have apntry car.

To avail this service, passengers will need to make a meal booking via IRCTC’s e-Catering service (, 1800-1034-139 (Toll-free), 0120-4383892-99 (Toll) or SMS MEAL to 139) using their PNR number. Given that these pizzas have been added as standard menu items to the e-Catering menu, all the standard rules of the e-Catering service apply to this service as well.

IRCTC plans to extend the pizza menu to more cities gradually.

[via BGR India]

Pebble Announces new Smartwatch


pebble time

Pebble – the company which built the first usable smartwatch has announced its next flagship product. Pebble Time – a next generation pebble with a colored screen and a redesigned operating system is now available via kickstarter.

Pebble started its journey with a successfully funded kickstarted campaign and has never looked back. They surely did not need another kickstarted campaign to get this project funded, but I guess they did this in nostalgia. The project surpassed its funding goal within 17 minutes of going live on kickstarter.

pebble time - design

The new watch is thiner than its predecessors and has a curved design to better fit on your wrist. It also fits on most 22mm watch bands – so you are not limited to what the company offers.

The new interface follows a timeline approach to display information. You scroll forward or backward in time to get the info you need – whether its that score of the just ended game you want to check or the weather in the city you are traveling tomorrow.

pebble time - colors

The watch will ship in May 2015 at a retail price of $199. Kickstarter backers can get it at a reduced price of $159 (gone as of this writing) and $179 (going fast). There are distributer level tiers also available for anyone who wants to buy them in bulk.

Here is the link to the kickstarter campaign.

Thoughts on Apple Pay


Apple Pay is a revolutionary payment system. I have used it a couple of times since it has launched and just love the way it has been implemented. It works just as it was shown in the keynote. You basically bring your iPhone close to the payment terminal which is waiting for payment and your cards stored in the passbook will automagically appear on your screen. If you have your finger already on the Touch ID, it would just go ahead and authorize the payment with your default card. The little chime and a subtle vibration in addition to the short animation on the screen let you know that the payment was authorized.

More and more banks and financial institution have been joining the Apple Pay bandwagon since its launch. Its like the next big thing (pun intended). And Apple’s master plan of letting banks promote the technology is working out well. We see more ads from banks for this thing than we see from Apple. Why? Because its super secure. And all banks want a payment system which is super secure. It will massively cut down on their fraud detection budget. I was impressed to see that every bank has a dedicated Apple Pay helpline to help customers activate their cards over Apple Pay. People say that Apple should have added NFC to previous iPhone versions as well. But if you think about it, they launched the iPhone 5S with just the Touch ID sensor in order to test its usability and gather usage patterns and data. They perfected the key piece of the puzzle before getting into the game.

But Apple Pay is the beginning of what the NFC technology in the iPhone can do. It is going to be the poster boy of what Apple is going to do with NFC, but there are several other awesome things that can be done. Imagine checking into your hotel room from an app on your phone and getting the NFC based soft key delivered to your phone. With contactless locks, you can directly head to your room and open it by just bringing your phone close to the lock. NFC also has massive potential to replace regular cards. Think transit passes and starbucks gift cards. All of these can be stored on your iPhone and used with next gen hardware. And since everything is authorized by your fingerprint, its super secure. And you can certainly rely on Apple to deliver the simplest implementation possible. The mere ability of the phone to wake up and spring up your cards when its brought closer to the payment terminal is the epitome of intuitiveness.

The potential is huge and I am sure a dedicated team of creative + engineering is right now working at Cupertino to design protocols and workflows to make that a reality. This is why Apple is succeeding where other have failed. Apple not only delivered the technology, they also designed a very efficient and secure way to make it work. The Apple Pay system is being praised by various security firms as one of the most secure payment systems yet. If Apple can design systems with the same level of security, efficiency & ease of use for other NFC potentials, the impact is going to be huge.

There are few glitches of course. Like with any new technology, adoption is one of the biggest challenges Apple Pay is facing. And I am not talking about consumer adoption. Apple is covered there. There are enough people in the world now to buy whatever Apple makes and make it a successful product. The real challenge is making merchants to invest in new equipments which support the payment system. Most merchants in the developed countries have the contactless payment enabled terminals installed. But there is still a big chunk of small to medium scale merchants which use the old swipe terminals and will not upgrade unless there is a new regulation in place or they see some irresistible deal which makes the investment worth. I am talking about those neighborhood stores which do not belong to a big chain. These are individually/family owned businesses which form a big part of our daily transactions. Apple is relying on the banks to do this job as well.

Apple Pay is being advertised as a replacement for your wallet. Well, you don’t only keep your money (paper or plastic) in your wallet. There are 10 other things. Granted that those membership cards can be added to Passbook in future and, well, what better place to keep your kids’ photos than an album on your iPhone? But still, think about payment transactions in places like restaurants & gas stations. Not all restaurants have those fancy wireless payment terminals which the waiters can carry to your desk (although they are becoming increasingly popular in countries where EMV chip based cards are mandated). Also, mobile phones are generally not encouraged to be used at gas stations as the batteries can ignite the fumes coming out of gasoline. And what about those quarters you keep to pay for street parking? Not all cities have meters with card readers, much less contactless card readers.

But even with all these hiccups, Apple Pay is going to succeed and is here to stay. Even if Apple does not come up with any of the other NFC based use cases, it is still a super awesome contactless payment system which will give you a short adrenaline kick every time you use it. And that’s what we live for, right?

Online Reservation Now Available for Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum

The Rashtrapati Bhavam Museum in India is now offering online reservation for booking tickets in advance. The ticket prices starts from INR 25 per visitor. There are discounted rates for larger groups and school children. Also, accompanying children under 12 years of age enter free.

The reservation system uses a SBI payment gateway to process the payment. You can reserve your tickets here:

How to Fix no Audio Issues with FaceTime Video on iPhone 6

iphone 6 back

If you are making a FaceTime call on your brand new iPhone 6, and the other party is not able to hear you properly, it is quite likely that you have not taken the plastic wrap off the phone. The noise cancellation microphone between the camera and the flash is covered with the plastic wrap on a new iPhone 6. This causes the iPhone’s noise canceling algorithm to malfunction when you make a FaceTime call (or any call with the speakerphone on).
In order to fix this issue, just take the plastic wrap off, or, if you don’t want to take it off until you get a case (totally understandable), use a sharp pin (very carefully) to punch some holes in the plastic wrap over the microphone. This should not obstruct any audio waves from entering the microphone and the noise canceling algorithm can do its magic.

Contract Free iPhone 6 is Factory Unlocked

iphone 6

This year, Apple is selling a contract free iPhone 6 from day 1 of its launch in the US. This contract free iPhone comes bundled with a T mobile sim card which is creating a lot of confusion about whether the phone will be locked to the T mobile network. Apple support executives are further adding to the confusion by saying that only T mobile customer care can confirm this. And T mobile reps say that one has to get unlock codes from them to unlock the any phone on their network, however, they are not 100% sure about the iPhone 6.

I bought a contract free T mobile iPhone 6 on launch day and have tested it on Straighttalk wireless in the US. Well, technically its the AT&T network as I have an AT&T compatible sim from Straighttalk. The contract free (T mobile) iPhone 6 works perfectly fine out of the box on the AT&T network. So if you are looking for a factory unlocked iPhone 6, go for the contract free T mobile version from the Apple online store or the Apple retail store. We are still not sure if the contract free ones being sold at the T mobile stores are unlocked or not. They should ideally be unlocked too, given that you are paying full non-subsidized price for them. However, to be safer, if you want an unlocked iPhone 6, get the contract free T mobile version from the Apple online store or the Apple retain store.

This is the Apple Watch

apple watch logo

In addition to launching the iPhone 6, Apple also introduced its brand new product line – the Apple Watch.

apple watch

The Apple watch is a wearable device which comes in 2 sizes – 38mm and 42mm. The crown, or as apple calls it – digital crown, is the new way of interacting with the watch without blocking the screen. The watch also offers a touch screen – so don’t worry, you are covered there. The touch screen is an advanced capacitive & resistive screen which can differentiate between a tap and a press. So you can use different modes for different actions.

apple watch straps

In addition to offering various watch faces, the watch will be capable of making and receiving phone calls, Sending and receiving text messages & providing some Siri functions. Apple has also built in an intelligent algorithm that can figure out the message context and give you pre-populated replies to tap onto instead of having to type them in – which is really cool.

The watch also features something called as Digital Touch which allows you to communicate with your selective friends in weird new ways. You can read more about them here.

apple watch sensors

The watch is also an always on fitness monitor with various sensors on the back that monitor your heartbeat. Coupled with the inbuilt accelerometer and GPS and WiFi from an iPhone, it can record various types of physical activity data that you can use to track your fitness activities. There are various fitness apps that will be available on the watch for all kinds of users.

The watch will also be able to give you a tactile feedback similar to a tap on your wrist. And there can be different types of taps for different types of notifications. This is going to be great as we definitely need some filtering when notifications are coming to our wrists.

In addition to the above features, the watch will also support the Apple Pay features and you can do merchant transactions by brining your watch closer to the mobile enabled merchant terminals.

The Apple Watch will be available in early 2015 at a starting price of $349. At this entry price, it is certainly going to be a premium product, however, it does look like the first smart watch which seems to have understood the concept of how smart watches should work. In Tim Cook’s words – we have not shrunk an iPhone into a watch. This is really important as no one wants to interact with their watches (or fitness trackers) the way they interact with their phones. A new, innovative way to interact with such devices was needed and the digital crown coupled with the advanced touchscreen seems to be the right way to do it. 

Apple Launches the iPhone 6

iphone 6

Apple launched the next generation of iPhone(s) today at their press event in Cupertino. The event was held at the Flint Center where Steve Jobs revealed the Macintosh 30 years back. There were two new iPhones reveled – The iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch display and the iPhone 6 plus with a 5.5 inch display.

Both the phones feature:

  • 64 bit A8 chip with M8 motion coprocessor
  • 8 megapixel iSight camera with f/2.2 aperture with an advanced auto focussing system called Focus Pixels
  • up to 60 fps 1080p video recording
  • 240 fps slow motion video recording
  • Advanced cinematic video stabilization
  • Apple Pay – Apple’s take on the mobile wallet

iphone 6 and 6 plus

The biggest visible differences are the large screen sizes and the overall thinner & sleeker body design. There are no chamfered edges this time. The screen just blends in to the aluminum body of the phone and a first glance will remind you of the very first iPhone the company revealed back in 2007.

The iPhone 6 plus is going to be the flagship device with the massive screen offering 1920×1080 pixels and a much longer battery life thanks to the bigger size. It also features optical image stabilization (which is far better) as opposed to only digital image stabilization in the iPhone 6.

Both the phones have the required hardware to enable Apple Pay which is Apple’s effort to simplify the payment process – both online and at merchant outlets. The phones will work with the credit card saved on file in your iTunes account out of the box. You can also add your other cards by just capturing a photo with your phone’s camera.

apple pay

The phone does not store the credit card number or any security code. Instead, it only stores a unique device account number on a secure elements chip inside the phone. None of this info is stored on Apple’s servers. Even when you do a transaction, the credit card number is not sent to the merchant. Everything is done using the device account number and a unique transaction code generated in real time.

In order to pay at a terminal supporting mobile payments, you don’t need to open an app or even wake your phone. Just bring your phone close to the terminal and the passbook with your credit cards will pop up. All transactions will require your fingerprint using the touch ID sensor on the phone’s home button, so only you can authorize a payment.

iPhone 6 & 6 plus will be available on September 19th with pre orders starting on September 12th. The contract free prices will be as follows:

iPhone 6:

  • 16GB: $649
  • 64GB: $749
  • 128GB: $849

iPhone 6 plus:

  • 16GB: $749
  • 64GB: $849
  • 128GB: $949

Thats right No 32GB version this time. You get 64GB for the price you paid for 32GB in the previous versions.

Apple says that the new iPhones will be launched in 115 countries by the end of 2014. No word or pricing info for Indian market yet. Stay tuned.

How to set the Home and Work Location in Google Now Accurately.

Google Maps allows us to select a Home and Work location for quick use to determine Directions and for use in Google Now too .

Here’s how to set the location.

  1. Open Google Maps on your Android or iOS device
  2. Click on the “Person” icon on the top right
  3. You’ll be displayed a screen to enter/edit the Home and Work address
  4. Long press the Home/Work fields to open the edit page and type in the building name or the complete address.
  5. Select the suggestion provided by Google and Voila! you have selected a Home address..

(more…) Will Pick up Your Parcels From Your Home

pickparcel logo is a new startup which lets you schedule pick up from your home for a shipment you want to send across India. They also offer discounted rates from major courier services in India. The process is simple – You specify where you want to ship from, where you want to ship to and the weight of the parcel. Pickparcel will display various available rates from major courier services which service that sector. They divide the rates into sections based on shipping speeds. From here, you can make a choice and fill in the remaining details & schedule a free pickup of the shipment from your home/office.

The concept is not new and there have been sites which have offered this service in the past. Most courier companies are beginning to offer scheduling of home pick up through their websites. However, it is very difficult to compare the rates from different vendors for various shipping speeds. This is where pickparcel offers the most value to consumers. The business model probably relies on having bulk shipment deals set up with the courier companies with considerably lower rates than a standard shipment from the outlet. Even after including their profit margin, if pickparcel is able to offer home pick up at no additional cost, it should have a sustainable business model. 

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